The overall mission of ESPR is that all children should have optimal health and well-being and are valued by our society. To achieve this goal, ESPR expects that all society members practice the highest quality of health care and use the best available diagnostic equipment and therapeutic interventions to promote the well-being of our young patients.

ESPR recognizes that its international membership consists of a broad and diverse community. Therefore, our goal is to establish strong connections, expand our perspectives, and promote unlimited collaboration among all members wherever they practice. All of these efforts are dedicated to benefiting our patients, who deserve the best available treatment, delivered with the utmost respect. With sincere passion, we truly value, and promote diversity and inclusiveness amongst all the individuals, groups, and vendors with whom we interact, collaborate, and share partnership.

ESPR fosters a working environment that embraces and celebrates diversity, promotes inclusiveness, and treats all individuals with dignity and respect. During all of its activities, the ESPR family expects that the working environment remains free from all forms of harassment, intimidation, hostility, or other offensive behaviour. Every member is expected to treat others with respect and professionalism, adhering to generally acceptable social behaviours. Any inappropriate actions will not be tolerated.

If a member believes that they or another member has potentially been subject to any form of harassment during one of our meetings/courses, they should report the alleged misconduct to the current society president. The president will then work in conjunction with the trustees to examine the case and provide guidance to the member. Strictest confidentiality will be protected to the greatest extent possible.

ESPR Board 2023