The European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR) is introducing a new task force to lead and coordinate outreach within and outside Europe. This will help to formally unite and drive forward vital work to address shortcomings and deficiencies in resources especially across Europe, within paediatric imaging.

Interested applicants should provide a mini CV and a statement of intent outlining their experience within outreach, and their potential plan for the launch and operational detail of this important task force. Applicants should demonstrate their leadership skills and a strategy to develop a strong focussed team.

The terms of appointment, roles and responsibilities of head of the outreach committee are in line with our other 7 task force leaders (see ESPR internal regulations).

  • The ESPR Task Force aims to
    initiate, drive forward, foster and lead a strong team to catalogue the current activity of members particularly but not exclusively within European paediatric radiology outreach
  • identify and outline a strategic plan to promote education and training within low resource areas especially within Europe which will include setting up teaching and training courses and identifying funds to do this
  • to help advise on best practice within radiation protection providing basic protocols

Chairperson: J. Kasznia-Brown