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ESPR 2019 Helsinki

Post-Graduate Course

Tuesday, May 14

Autor Lecture
R. Kivisaar Imaging strategies and radiation exposure in paediatric multitrauma
V. Dermentzoglou US of the lung
P. Petit Focal liver lesions
R. Kivisaari The role of ultrasound in paediatric trauma: From FAST to SLOW
M. Stenzel Contrast enhanced ultrasound in blunt abdominal trauma
K. Johnson Paediatric trauma CT
B. Damasio Imaging in UTI


Wednesday, May 15

M. Perhomaa Neck masses: The role of ultrasound
B. Tilea Neck lymphadenopathy and solid masses: Benign or malignant
M. Raissaki Thyroid ultrasound
A. Rossi Imaging in hydrocephalus: Diagnosis, monitoring and complications
C. Garel Fetal brain in second trimester
M. Cassart Fetal pulmonary anomalies: Prenatal imaging and postnatal correlation
F. Avni How to approach fetal abdominal tumors?


Radiographer Course

Tuesday, May 14

Autor Lecture
H. Matikka
Imaging parameters and image quality in digital radiography
J. Bøge Steinmeier Larsen Improving quality of chest radiographs in infants to optimize diagnostic accuracy


Wednesday, May 15

H. Miettunen Self assessment in quality improvement
G. Paulo Establishment of national DRLs
I. Alpine Establishment of local DRLs in Riga children’s hospital
T. Kaasalainen Patient positioning, image quality and dose
J. Castillo MRI safety
A. Cradock MRI contrast agents
M. Puolakanaho Immobilization in paediatric radiography
T. Pakkala Acceptable image quality


Annual Meeting

Thursday, May 16

I. Barber Keynote: Sport injuries in the spine
P. Henman Volume ultrasound imaging of the neonatal hip
D. Vogele Appliocation of magnetic resonance imaging for bone age estimation in the context of medical issues
J. Aguet Three-dimensional morphometric assessment of the face with “black bone” magnetic resonance imaging
F. Zennaro MRI imaging of ARO: Findings at diagnosis and outcomes after treatment
C. Garel Presentation of the European network of Fetal Imaging
M. Cassart Fetal neuro MRI: State of the art in the third trimester
M. Kyncl
Fetal body imaging – About 3 clinical cases
Ö. Yavuz Spontaneous pneumothorax in pediatric age group
C. Barrera Quantitative computed tomography of normal lung development in newborn and infants
C. Barrera Failure to re-position in the arms on portable NICU chest radiograph mimicks lamellar effusion – a quality assurance project
K. Lappalainen
Keynote: Diagnostic tools for congenital lymphatic disorders. Modern time lymphography
J. Bretherton
Small bowel ultrasound: A first rate, first choice, first line imaging modality for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the paediatric population
Y. J. Cho
Measurement of liver stiffness in children using GE 2D-shear wave elastography: Effect of breath-holding and free-breathing
S. Shelmerdine
Post-mortem computed tomography diagnostic accuracy in children
G. Hyde
Visualisation of the fetal bowel on post mortem magnetic resonance imaging scans
D. A. Castro
Development of a reliable grading scheme to utilize when evaluating radiology resident reports
S. Shelmerdine
Is it necessary to perform perinatal autopsy after antenatal ultrasound and post-mortem MRI (PMMR)?
I. Ö. Koska
Applications of deep learning in radiology and pediatric radiology
J. Eulliot
Ultrasound features of complicated Meckel’s diverticulum in children: About 55 cases
A. Ilivitzki
Added value of bowel sonography in pediatric acute abdominal pain: The Rambam experience
E. Ashworth
Diagnostic reference levels in paediatric fluoroscopy: How does a district general hospital compare with 2018 European guidelines?
E. Vainberg
Sarcopenia as a predictor of severity of disease in children with primary sclerosing cholangitis


Friday, May 17

K. Darge Keynote: CEUS in urinary tract anomalies
A. Li SPR talk: Comparison of MR tissue phase mapping and MR feature tracking in children with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
H. Otero Age-adjusted normal enhancement curves in children undergoing functional MR urography
D. Maslava Diagnostic imaging options in patients with anorectal malformations, their reliability and benefits
K. Asokan The role of shear wave elastography in predicting the clinical outcome in paediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome
S. Kaplan Reduced radiation technique for radiographic evaluation of temporary feeding tube position
C. Hernández Transition from fluoroscopically-guided barium-reduction of ileocolic intussusception to sonographically-guided water-reduction in a tertiary paediatric hospital
J. Jürgens Comparison of trans-temporal 3D ultrasound with cMRI
A. D’hondt Preliminary results of liver fat fraction quantification by ultrasound in children
G. Chambers Radiological appearances and clinical follow-up of focal nodular hyperplasia in children: A review of 71 patients
K. Patil MRCP in primary sclerosing cholangitis in children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A retrospective study
E. Castellano Keynote: Optimization possibilities with older and new scanners
S. Shelmerdine Chest radiographs vs computed tomography for Detection of RIb FracTures (DRIFT Study)
M. Napolitano Imaging in biliary atresia
D. Kljucevesek CEUS for intracavitary use
F. Papadopoulou
Contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography in children with vesicoureteral reflux
A. Secinaro Pediatric MRI: how Gd retention has affected the choices of radiologists in daily clinical practice
R. MacDougall A method for thickness-based technique selection in computed and digital radiography using depth sensing and computer vision
B. Laguna Utility of augmented reality for presurgical planning in complex pediatric elbow fractures
C. Garel Keynote: Infection and fetal brain
M. Saguintaah Juxta diaphragmatic extralobar sequestrations: MRI prenatal aspects and postnatal correlations
K. Barton Fetal MRI lung-to-muscle signal intensity ratio in congenital diaphragmatic hernia: Establishing a novel technique
J. S. Martin-Saavedra Contrast-enhanced ultrasound evaluation of fetal brain perfusion parameters
A. Saunders Fetal lung volume and lung signal intensity in congenital diaphragmatic hernia
V. MacRow-Wood The normal cavum septum pellucidum during fetal development
E. Nazarova Free-breath T2* mapping for myocardial iron assessment using 3T scanner
F. Callaghan Systemic ventricular flow pattern disorder in d-TGA patients – A 4D-flow MRI study
K. McHugh Keynote: Imaging of toxicities and complications after cancer treatment in children
B. Tilea Neuroimaging abnormalities at the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children: Can the radiologist modify the clinical decision?
T. Cain MR PET imaging of inflammation in paediatric oncology patients
F. Zennaro MRI evaluation of pancreatic volume and function in pediatric allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT): A retrospective study
M. H. Lequin Keynote: MRI in epilepsy – technique and findings
H. Ringertz Doppler Imaging in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy: What is the value of the resistivity index with/without compression of the fontanel?
V. Dangouloff-Ros CT and multimodal MR Imaging features of embryonal tumors with multilayered rosettes (ETMR) in children
J. Y. Ha Clinical feasibility of 1-minute ultrafast brain MRI protocol for the pediatric neuroimaging: A single center pilot study
S. Saade-Lemus Brain perfusion predicts short term outcome in neonatal hypoxic ischemic injury
J.-F. Chateil Optic pathway gliomas: MRI follow-up including imaging with gadolinium-based contrast agent: Accuracy of non-enhancement sequences for diagnosis of progression
N. Ilves Development of periventricular venous infarction in pretermly born infants
C. Lewis What do families really want?
E. Whitby Update on PM MR protocols


Saturday, May 18

Autor Lecture
K. McHugh Hydatid disease
S. Andronikou Infections of the CNS
J. Kasznia-Brown Tuberculosis and MSK infections
R. A. J. Nievelstein Whole-body MR in children with cancer: Applications and possible impact on treatment and prognosis
C. Granata Update on activities of Radiology specialty committee of the SIOPEN
K. McHugh International neuroblastoma response criteria: What is new?
M. Beer Staging and response assessment in Neuroblastoma by DWI: Is there a complementary role to 123mIBG?
S. Voss (Early) response assessment and detection of residual disease in solid small round cell tumours: Do we need 18F-FDG-PET or other tracer?
I. Barber Bones of contention: Real and imagined differential diagnoses
A. Choudhary The IPR/ESPR white paper on AHT: Is anything ever black or white?
ECPR 2018 Dublin