In January 2020 the ESPR Board decided to establish a new Taskforce within the ESPR. The Cardiothoracic Taskforce will deal with the topics of thoracic, pulmonary and cardiac imaging.

The Cardiothoracic Taskforce aims:

  • to organise a cardiothoracic session during the ESPR meeting (e.g. 3 lectures)
  • to help the Education Committee to organise the Cardiothoracic European Course of Paediatric Radiology (ECPR)
  • to maintain contact with other societies that also deal with imaging of the thorax, lungs and heart, such as:
    • European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI)
    • European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI)
    • Society of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (SCMR)
  • to formulate standards for lung/cardiac imaging in children
  • to organise joint publications on standards in paediatric radiology if necessary
  • to initiate joint European Multicenter Studies

Chairperson 2020-2021
Until a regular election of the chair and co-chair at IPR 2021, Prof. Franz-Wolfgang Hirsch (Leipzig/DE) will act as provisional chair of the Taskforce.

Members of the Thoracic Imaging group
Franz-Wolfgang Hirsch, Leipzig/DE
Pierluigi Ciet, Rotterdam/NL
Hubert Ducou Le Pointe, Paris/FR
Sureyya Burcu Görkem, Kayseri/TR
Alistair Calder, London/UK
Jovan Lovrenski, Novisad/SR
Catherine Owens, London/UK
Maria Raissaki, Heraklion/GR

Members of the Cardiovascular Imaging group
Aurelio Secinaro, Rome/IT
Pablo Caro Dominguez, Seville/ES
Andrew Taylor, London/UK
Daniel Gräfe, Leipzig/DE
Christian Kellenberger, Zurich/CH
Lucía Riaza-Martin, Barcelona/ES
Maria Navallas, Madrid/ES
Joost van Schuppen, Amsterdam/NL

If you would like to become a member of the Cardiothoracic Taskforce, please send your CV to Please specify which of the groups (Thoracic or Cardiovascular) you are interested in.

The Cardiothoracic Taskforce has already submitted three COVID-19 in children-related publications to the ‘Pediatric Radiology’ journal. In addition to the members of the Taskforce, many colleagues from all paediatric radiology societies worldwide and the ESPR Board contributed to these three publications. Details will follow soon.