The CT & Dose Taskforce aims:

  • to create evidence base for justification and optimisation in the use of computed tomography in children and young adults
  • to provide a dynamic platform for communication and discussion
  • to provide an opportunity continuous education using quality assurance criteria
  • to develop evidence based guidelines for good clinical practice within paediatric CT

Claudio Granata, Trieste/IT

Elrich Sorantin, Graz/AT
Catherine M. Owens, London/UK

Rajia Seuri, Helsinki/FI
Carmelo Sofia, Messina/IT
Sergio Salerno, Palermo/IT
R.A.J. Nievelstein, Utrecht/NL

If you would like to become a member of the CT & Dose Taskforce, please send your CV to

The ESPR research project on the development of paediatric CT-protocols balancing dose and quality, based on the use of phantom studies can be seen as a research project for optimisation within paediatric computed tomography.

European Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging – PiDRL (EC Tender ENER/2013/NUCL/SI2.671441),
ESPR CT-project – led by E. Sorantin