The ESPR abdominal (GI and GU Tract) imaging Task Force hereby presents the recommendations from all TF-publications from the recent 13 years. They are presented as published in the respective articles with minor corrections and necessary updates. Some recommendations might need revision in line with new acquired knowledge and experience as well as changing practice and necessities in different places. As evidence is scarce in many childhood conditions, most of the recommendations base on expert consensus after a thorough literature search and discussion.
These recommendations should serve as an orientation for imaging typical childhood abdominal queries, and initially only focused on the urogenital tract – that’s why many of those statements address GU-tract conditions. The aim of this undertaking was and is to harmonise and optimise the imaging approach, respecting the ALARA principle and trying to avoid radiating imaging tools whenever possible, still leaving room for individual or locally necessary adaptation. And furthermore, to address the respective imaging procedures giving some guidance on how (and when) to perform the various studies prudently.