Applications for the positions below are open until March 1, 2023. In case of interest, please submit your CV and motivation letter to before March 1, 2023 (23:59 CET)

Society President

The President will be appointed by nomination of 3 members in good standing and thence approval of the ESPR Board. This will then be presented to the members at the ESPR General Assembly for approval.

Role Profile: To lead the ESPR, developing the vision and strategy of the Society to ensure that it meets the organisation’s objectives as defined in its bylaws and strategic plan. In addition to act as the public figurehead of the Society, legally representing the Society on an international stage, to and ensure that the Society functions at the best possible level.
Duration of office: 3 years

Research Committee Chairperson

A future chairperson of a committee has to be a member of the committee in order to ensure continuity.

Role Profile: To co-ordinate the function of the ESPR Research Committee in order to meet the strategic aims of the Society. To work closely with the ESPR Board and ESPR members, in order to achieve high standards of integrated and collaborative working.
Duration of office: 3 years

JESPeR Committee Chairperson

The jESPeR representative will be appointed by the ESPR Board.  

Role Profile: The jESPeR (Junior ESPR) is on the ESPR Board to represent the views of and look after the interests of junior (less than five years of experience in paediatric radiology) paediatric radiologists.
Duration of office: 3 years


The Webmaster will be appointed by the ESPR Board. 

Role Profile: To support the ESPR Board in their efforts to make the ESPR Society visible by coordinating all necessary activities which have to do with the ESPR website and the Social Media channels.
Duration of office: 3 years


Role Profile: With the other members of the Council of Trustees to work in the best interest of the Society to provide wise counsel to the ESPR President and other ESPR Board Members, in extremis take over responsibility of the ESPR Board and generally support and promote the organisation.
Duration of office: 3 years