Increasing Clinicians’ Capacity to Undertake
Stillbirth Investigations and Autopsies

An ongoing series of six webinars to be delivered across late 2022 and early 2023. 

These webinars form part of the broader Stillbirth Project for which the College has obtained funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Health and Aged Care. The project will increase the radiology profession’s capacity to undertake stillbirth investigations and autopsies and ensure these services are available to bereaved parents who choose to access them. The Stillbirth Investigations Project will develop tailored strategies, educational programs and resources to improve the uptake, acceptability, range and quality of stillbirth investigations in Australia.

Webinar 1: Post-mortem imaging after stillbirth & neonatal death: what is the evidence?
Speaker: Professor Owen Arthurs
Date/ Time: Thursday 17 November 2022, 8– 9 pm AEDT

Webinar 2: Fetal intrauterine vs post-mortem imaging: what have we learnt?
Speaker: Michael Aertsen, Belgium
Date/ Time: Thursday 2 February 2023, 8– 9 pm AEDT

Webinar 3: Post-mortem imaging for beginners: what, how & why
Speaker: Susan Shelmerdine, UK
Date/ Time: Thursday 23 February 2023, 8– 9 pm AEDT

Webinar 4: Setting up a paediatric post-mortem imaging service: local issues and system perspectives
Speaker: Teresa Victoria, USA
Date/ Time: Thursday 23 March 2023, 8– 9 pm AEDT

Webinar 5: Post-mortem MRI for suspected CNS abnormalities: what is normal and what are the limitations?
Speakers: Stacy Goergen, Australia
Date/ Time: Thursday 27 April 2023, 8– 9 pm AEST

Webinar 6: Post-mortem MRI for fetal / neonatal abdomino-pelvic abnormalities: what is normal and what are the limitations on what we can diagnose?
Speakers: Willemijn Klein, Netherlands
Date/ Time: Thursday 25 May 2023, 8– 9 pm AEST

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