The Guy Sebag Research Grant (10.000 €) was established in honor of Prof. Guy Sebag (1959-2014), a highly esteemed advocate and promoter of paediatric radiology and research.
This funding opportunity is to be awarded every second year during the ESPR Congress.
The grant is for clinical, basic or translational research in paediatric radiology, aiming at stimulating new research initiatives rather than funding mature research programs, including pilot studies that will subsequently lead to larger studies in Pediatric Radiology.

Eligibility Criteria:
The grant is open for proposals to researchers of all ages working in a radiology department in Europe. Applicants are typically trainee or registrar level radiologists working in European institutions. There are no age restraints.
The project should not have previously received funding from another grant, or form part of another ongoing project application. The project will have a single Principal Investigator (PI) who will be the grant recipient. Collaborators and contributors are welcomed, and the direct supervisor or departmental head must support the project. Only one grant may be awarded per applicant during their academic career.

Funding available:
Applications may request up to €10,000 for a period not to exceed 24 months. How the awarded funding will be allocated must be explained in the application. The ESPR reserve the right not to award the grant

Successful applicants will be notified prior to the ESPR congress of that year (e.g. applications in January 2023 will be notified prior to ESPR 2023). The winner will be expected to
a) Become an ESPR member
b) Help prepare a press release about the award
c) Present their work at future ESPR meetings
d) Report to the ESPR Board regarding how the prize money was spent.

Application and deadline:
Please email this completed form and a short CV by 31 January to: