Research is the starting point for a meaningful positive change in clinical practice. We need to lead the future directions of our specialty, otherwise others will certainly do it.

This 1 ½ day course, with a unique mentorship/tutoring program over time, aims at filling the gap between the need for research training and the lack of local resources to successfully do it in some academic institutions across the globe.Participants will be exposed to basic concepts on research methodology and statistics applied to the radiological sciences. The final goal of the course is to enable pediatric radiologists and trainees with limited experience in publishing scientific papers to advance their research projects from a given level of conduct to the next level on a personalized basis.

This information-packed program features engaging interactive lectures and case-based exercises delivered by leading experts in the field of pediatric radiology research over two Fridays, one full-day in early March and a half-day in May, interspersed by two group- or individual-based tutorial sessions and an optional in-person network session at the annual SPR meeting.
This is a great opportunity for participants to learn and directly apply this knowledge into actionable activities under the mentorship of knowledgeable pediatric radiology researchers.
It is essential that the new generation of pediatric radiologists are competent in basic research knowledge so that they can become independent to pursue their own research projects and be able to support future trainees in their home institutions as supervisors and/or effective leaders.