ESPR Survey – Neuro Task Force for pediatric minor head injury imaging practices | Take Part!

Over the last years the use of CT for minor head injury has become increasingly common, while its diagnostic yield has remained low. There is still controversy regarding the categorization of minor traumatic brain injury in children and identification of those factors that prompt imaging. Furthermore, little is known over the imaging practices within different radiology departments for children with minor head injury and of the awareness level of radiologists’ on the available clinical decision rules for head imaging.
Based on that a questionnaire was designed with the purpose to provide data on the current practices and to help to identify factors that will improve future practices (approx 10 mins survey).

Survey will be open until end June 2018.




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ESPR 2018 – Postgraduate Course and Annual Meeting
June 18-22, 2018 – Berlin/DE

Paediatric radiology amazing young!
For the first time the European Society for Paediatric Radiology congress will be held in Berlin.

On 18–19 June, we scheduled the two-day 43rd postgraduate course, which is directed at both – radiologists coming to the end of their specialist training as well as, young paediatric radiologists at the beginning of the professional career. Typical paediatric diseases and specialised imaging diagnostics in the childhood will be presented.
The ensuing, three-day 54th ESPR congress, 20–22 June, will offer, in addition to the scientific focus, a good mix of keynote lectures, interactive sessions and state-of-the-art lectures. This guarantees an interesting composition of special knowledge and repetition at a very high level. Smaller special focus sessions complement the conference and will also offer for specialised experts new aspects to their daily work.




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ESPR 2019 – Postgraduate Course and Annual Meeting
May 14-18, 2019 – Helsinki/FI

May 14-15: Post Graduate Course, aiming at young radiologists in/after specialist training
May 16-18: Annual Meeting, offering state-of-the-art plenary and keynote lectures, special focus, taskforce, educational and research sessions



  • Radiation protection
  • Chest imaging: optimisation of x-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Gastrointestinal imaging: MRI, US, techniques and surgery
  • Musculoskeletal imaging including prone 3D-imaging, MRI and ultrasound, elbow
  • Vascular malformations: imaging and radiological treatment
  • Fetal imaging: neuro, cardiac, body and physics
  • Oncological MRI: primary diagnostics and followup
  • Neuroradiology: neonatal and acute MRI
  • Trauma: FAST and SLOW
  • Optimization
  • Radiographers and sonographers program