Oncology Task Force


  • To provide a network and a discussion  forum on both clinical and research issues for paediatric radiologists interested in paediatric oncology
  • To initiate and facilitate discussions on imaging strategies for paediatric tumours
  • To discuss and support imaging issues in international trials

Committee members

J. Schäfer – chairperson
A. Smets (previous chair)
H. Brisse (previous chair)
If you are interested to join the taskforce, contact us via office@espr.org


  1. Brisse HJ, Smets AM, Kaste SC, Owens CM. Imaging in unilateral Wilms tumour. Pediatr Radiol. 2008 Jan;38(1):18-29
  2. Owens CM, Brisse HJ, Olsen ØE, Begent J, Smets AM. Bilateral disease and new trends in Wilms  tumour. Pediatr Radiol. 2008 Jan;38(1):30-9


The oncology taskforce has a meeting at the annual meeting of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology.
Relaunch of the taskforce will be done at the ESPR 2018 meeting.


Reports of previous meetings

  •  2nd meeting IPR Montreal 2006
    • Wilm’s tumor – the US perspective (Kaste, USA)
    • Wilm’s tumor – the European perspective (J. Tröger, Germany)
    • ESPR oncology open task force meeting (H. Brisse, France, A. Smets, NL and C. Owens, UK)
  • 6th meeting Bordeaux 2010
    • C. Granata: European Neuroblastoma protocols: What’s new ?
    • H. Brisse: Guidelines for imaging and staging of neuroblastic tumors : consensus report from the INRG (International Neuroblastoma Risk Group Project)
    • K. McHugh: Painful (oncological) lessons from our discrepancy meetings”
    • A.M.J.B Smets:  CT-only lung lesions in the SIOP 2001 Wilms’ tumour trial: what about them?
    • H. Brisse: Guidelines for imaging and staging of retinoblastoma : consensus report from the ERIC (European Retinoblastoma Imaging Collaboration)
  • 7th meeting Athens 2012
    • N. Bodart: radiological features of malignant supra-tentorial glial tumours
    • T. Huisman: conventional and advanced imaging of fossa posterior tumours
    • P. Brader: Molecular and functional imaging of brain tumours
    • H. Brisse: Response assessment guidelines for multicentre trials
  • 8th meeting Budapest 2013
    • A. Smets: Research on communication in Oncologic Paediatric Radiology – the C-OPERA-study
    • S. Neuenschwander: Fetal and adolescent oncology. Which strategies?
    • E. Deurloo: Imaging of head and neck tumours: Don’t lose your head!
    • B. McCarville: The Potential Role of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound in Pediatric Oncology
  • 9th Meeting Amsterdam 2014
    • H.N. Caron: Treating childhood cance: present and future
    • H. Brisse: True and pseudo-progressive disease in osteosarcoma patients
    • K. McHugh: Response of the primary tumour and outcome in neuroblastoma
    • A.M.J.B. Smets: Ongoing projects/Difficult cases
  • 10th Meeting Graz 2015
    • A.M. Sets: Introduction by Chair
    • D. Pariente: Hepatoblastoma: the role of the radiologist
    • E.E. Deurloo: Oncologic paediatric radiology: challenges, pifalls & difficult cases
    • A.M. Smets: Case reports
  • 11th Meeting Chicago 2016
    • F. Gomez Munoz: The Underestimated Role of Ablation Techniques in Pediatric Interventional Oncology: What They Could Offer in Children
    • N.D. Johnson: Advanced MSK/IR Intervention
    • A.M. Barnacle, D.J. Roebuck: Paediatric IR Tips and Tricks
  • 12th Meeting Davos 2017
    • L. Porto: Paediatric brain tumours: Differential diagnosis between low ans high grade, from basic to advanced
    • G. Khanna: Experience with central review of paediatric renal tumours
    • A. Littooij: Is there a role for DWI in nephroblastoma?
    • J. Schaefer: Ins and outs of PET MRI in children