CT & dose Task Force


  • To create evidence base for justification and optimisation in the use of computed tomography in children and young adults
  • To provide a dynamic platform for communication and discussion
  • To provide an opportunity continuous education using quality assurance criteria
  • To develop evidence based guidelines for good clinical practice within paediatric CT
  • The ESPR research project on the development of paediatric CT-protocols balancing dose and quality, based on the use of phantom studies can be seen as a research project for optimisation within paediatric computed tomography.

Committee members

C.M. Owens (Chair)
E. Sorantin (Co-chair)
R.J. Nievelstein
G. Enriquez
P. Toma



ESPR CT-project – led by E. Sorantin
European Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging  – PiDRL (EC Tender ENER/2013/NUCL/SI2.671441), ESPR contact persons C.M Owens  and E. Sorantin


The  CT  Dose Task Force has a meeting at the annual meeting of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology.

Additional meetings

55th International Atomic Energy Agency general conference

–   R. Fotter: Children and radiation in medicine – protecting the young patients