Awards ESPR

The ESPR Awards honour those who have enhanced the quality of paediatric radiology, through innovation and scientific excellence. Currently, five awards are offered each year during the annual ESPR congress, to first authors/presenters who are (registrar) radiologists working in European institutions:

  • Jacques Lefèbvre Award
  • Scientific Poster Award
  • Educational Poster Award (Case report presentations are included in this category)
  • Young Researcher Award
  • President’s Award
  • Guy Sebag Research Grant (will be awarded every second year)

The purpose of these awards is to provide significant recognition for excellence in teaching and research, to encourage its pursuit and to promote an academic approach in paediatric radiology. Recipients of the awards, selected by an international committee (led by the ESPR Research committee chair) during (or before) the annual meeting, receive 500-800 Euros and a diploma.  Each prize can be received once.

The scientific awards are based on the following criteria (in this order of priority):

  1. Scientific content; ie study design and performance
  2. Innovation
  3. Presentation

Jacques Lefèbvre Award (800 Euros), introduced in 1977, is awarded for the best science research paper presented at the annual ESPR congress. The recipient should be under the age of 40.
Two Poster Awards (each 500 Euros) are given, one for the best scientific poster presented and one for the best educational poster (case reports are considered in this group). No age restraints.
Young Researcher Award (600 Euros), made for outstanding contributions to paediatric imaging by young scientists, is awarded for the best poster OR scientific paper. The recipient should be under the age of 35.
The President’s Award (500 Euros) is given at the discretion of the sitting meeting president, for the best national oral- or poster presentation. No age restraints.

Guy Sebag Research Grant (10.000 Euros) was established in honor of Prof. Guy Sebag (1959-2014), a highly esteemed advocate and promoter of paediatric radiology and research. This funding opportunity is 10,000€ to be awarded every second year during the ESPR Congress.