JESPER lectures





2018 H.K. Hahn Germany What is ‘Radiomics’ and What is it good for?
2017 Ch. Kellenberger Switzerland Common artefacts in paediatric MRI – How to recognise, avoid or take advantage of them
2015 R. Fotter Austria The paediatric radiologist of the future – doctor or photographer?
2014 R. R. van Rijn
Netherlands Imaging child abuse – an update and lessons from an expert
2013 A. Rossi
Italy Pediatric multiple sclerosis, ADEM, and other demyelinating diseases: where do we stand?
2012 S. Andronikou
South Africa Tuberculosis from A to Ω
2011 A. Daneman
Canada Unique radiographic and sonographic features of the neonatal abdomen
2010 S. Ryan
Ireland Paediatric radiology on call—small patients not big problems
2009 A. Watt
United Kingdom MRI of the abdomen
2008 S. Robben
Netherlands Everything you always wanted to know about ultrasonography, but were afraid to ask
2007 F. Avni
Belgium Why do we need a strong leadership in paediatric radiology?
2006 D. Jaramillo
USA Pediatric MSK MR: How I do It
2005 S. Chapman
United Kingdom How to.. Write a scientific paper and get it accepted
2004 M. Hiorns
United Kingdom How do I do it in fluoroscopy?