ESPR 2020 Online Voting
September 14 – September 28, 2020

While our 2020 Annual Meeting, and as a result the ESRP General Assembly, could not take place this year, we are happy to announce that an online voting will be organised instead. In the period of September 14 – September 28, 2020 all ESPR members who have the right to vote, are invited to the ESPR 2020 Online Voting. During a period of 2 weeks, ESPR members can cast their vote on the following 3 topics:

  • Election of ESPR Board officers
  • Approval of 2021 membership fees
  • Approval of new members

All ESPR members eligible to vote will receive a link to the online voting system as well as their personal credentials via email shortly before the voting period. The email will be sent by Polyas (secure online voting provider) on behalf of ESPR.

Election of ESPR Board officers
2020-2023 nominations

President Karen Rosendahl, Bergen/NO
Research Committee Chair Owen Arthurs, London/UK
jESPeR Committee Chair Julian Jürgens, Hamburg/DE
Council of Trustees Catherine Owens, London/UK
Webmaster Ola Kvist, Stockholm/SE


Approval of 2021 membership fees
Proposal to keep the same fees

Membership type Fee
Full membership 180 €
Associate membership 120 €
Retired membership   90 €
Resident membership   60 €
Corresponding membership   30 €


Approval of new members

Name Country Membership type
Ana Flavia Pimentel Da Silva Orth Brazil Full member
Ane Lysberg Norway Full member
Annmarie Jeanes United Kingdom Full member
Carmen Otelea Romania Full member
Carmine Mollica Italy Full member
Eleni Manoli Greece Full member
Emilio J Inarejos Clemente Spain Full member
Fatmah Al Zeyoudi Canada Full member
Grigory Nikitin Russia Full member
Hakeema Alhashimi Bahrain Full member
Hanadi Althani Saudi Arabia Full member
Ilze Apine Latvia Full member
James Stegeman Australia Full member
Jens Altenbernd Germany Full member
Juan Francisco Ferrer Soriano Spain Full member
Jussi Tallus Finland Full member
Kshitij Mankad United Kingdom Full member
Louiza Foti Cyprus Full member
Lucia Riaza Martin Spain Full member
María Navallas Spain Full member
Maria Sole Prevedoni Gorone Italy Full member
Mercedes Liñares-Paz Spain Full member
Méryle Laurent Switzerland Full member
Natalija Merkla Latvia Full member
Neelika Liyanage Australia Full member
Nina Tušek Pintar Slovenia Full member
Osnat Konen Israel Full member
Pierluigi Ciet Netherlands Full member
Pierre Marsault France Full member
Promise Koranteng South Africa Full member
Sureyya Gorkem Turkey Full member
Sylviane Hanquinet Switzerland Full member
Thomas Elgeti Germany Full member
Veronika Yevtukh Ukraine Full member
Juho Nissilä Finland Resident member
Smily Sharma India Resident member
Lorenzo Anfigeno Italy Resident member
Fiammetta Sertorio Italy Resident member
Gitta Bleeker Netherlands Resident member
Ercan Ayaz Turkey Resident member
Jonathan Bevan United Kingdom Resident member
John Pereira Australia Corresponding member SPR
Maria Magdalena Valdés Canada Corresponding member SPR
Anna Smyth Canada Corresponding member SPR
Eman Marie Canada Corresponding member SPR
Chantale Lapierre Canada Corresponding member SPR
Daniela Duarte France Corresponding member SPR
Jean Delmas France Corresponding member SPR
Muayad Salman Israel Corresponding member SPR
Sikandar Shaikh India Corresponding member SPR
Francesca Finazzo Italy Corresponding member SPR
Merter Keçeli Turkey Corresponding member SPR
Gillian Cassels United Kingdom Corresponding member SPR
Jordan Rapp United States Corresponding member SPR
Rebecca Dennis United States Corresponding member SPR
Judy Estroff United States Corresponding member SPR
Jane Lyon United States Corresponding member SPR
Pallavi Sagar United States Corresponding member SPR
Padma Rao Australia Corresponding member AOSPR
Mahesh Prakash India Corresponding member AOSPR
Jae-Yeon Hwang Korea Corresponding member AOSPR
Ahmad Samsudin Malaysia Corresponding member AOSPR
Erica Hing Malaysia Corresponding member AOSPR
Gurdeep Mann Qatar Corresponding member AOSPR
Yi-Ming Teo Singapore Corresponding member AOSPR
Ahmed Abo Zaid Egypt Corresponding member SLARP