Junior ESPR (JESPeR)

General information

JESPeR represents a task force of the ESPR aimed at residents and junior radiologists (fellows or acting paediatric radiologists early on in their careers).



  • Generating a collegiate and interactive atmosphere among young radiologists.
  • Encourage young radiologists to choose paediatric radiology as their chosen sub specialist field.
  • Highlight and advertise opportunities such as financial support and fellowships for upcoming paediatric radiologists.
  • Highlight and advertise educational courses of interest for upcoming paediatric radiologists


Committee Chairperson

Pablo Caro Dominguez
Contact: jesper@espr.org


JESPER Survey 2010
van Rijn RR, Owens CM, Avni F. The future of pediatric radiology: a European point of view .  Radiology. 2006 Mar;238(3):1074



At the yearly ESPR meeting a special JESPeR meeting is held targeted at the younger radiologists in the audience. This has become a very popular event and is very well attended.
A social meeting is organised after the JESPeR lecture normally held at a traditional restaurant, faithful to the country hosting the ESPR where local young radiologists and attendees can socialise.


What can JESPeR do for you?

  • Joining JESPeR means being part of a group of like minded young radiologists looking at dedicating their working career at imaging children
  • Guidance, information and help on how to progress in your career in Paediatric Radiology
  • Offer worldwide links and contacts in the pediatric imaging world
  • Yearly JESPeR lecture centred on the more junior radiologists at the ESPR
  • Yearly evening social event at the ESPR
  • Support via the ESPR ‘junior grants’


Junior Grants

The ESPR is committed to supporting upcoming paediatric radiologists. For the last 5 years grants have been offered to support the attendance of presenting young European Radiologists to the ESPR conference.

A grant of 800 Euro will cover not only the registration fees (based on early bird fee) but also a relevant part of your travel costs. Refunds will be processed after the congress.
If not a ESPR member, the grant awardees will also get free ESPR membership for 2018 (with online access only to Pediatric Radiology journal.)


Application requirements
– The grants are only available for radiologists in training. Training status needs to be confirmed by a written, dated and signed letter from the applicant’s training coordinator/supervisor/head of training.
– The applicant must be 35 years or younger.
– Application Deadline: February 28, 2018
– If not a member, the grant awardees will also get free ESPR membership for 2018 (with online access only to Pediatric Radiology journal.)


How to apply?
1. DOWNLOAD ESPR 2018 Junior Grant Application Form.
2. Please provide a signed dated letter from your training supervisor/director/head of training confirming your current training status and position.
3. Send both, the application form & the letter confirming your training status, to office@espr.org with the heading “Junior grant application for ESPR 2018”.
4. The ESPR board will consider the applications after the closing date and will respond by email once all applications have been reviewed by the evaluation committee and final decisions have been taken.