Internal Procedures of the Society

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This documents has been drafted by the ESPR Board and is constantly reviewed.
The following items are covered within this document:

1. Membership
1.1 Membership overview individual members
1.2 Application procedure individual membership
1.3 Consideration, approval and refusal of application
1.4 Honorary Members
1.5 Gold Medallists
1.6 Membership fees
1.7 Termination of membership
1.8 Reimbursement of membership fees


2. Electronic voting
2.1 Conditions of electronic voting
2.2 Time frame of elections
2.3 Application of electronic voting


3. Organisational chart ESPR


4. ESPR Board
4.1 Tasks and responsibilities
4.2 Composition
4.3 Financial procedures
4.4 Work procedures


5. Committees of the Society

5.1 General rules
5.2 Funding
5.3 Financial procedures
5.4 Work procedures


6. Taskforces of the Society
6.1 General rules Taskforces
6.2 Financial procedures
6.3 Work procedures


7. Congress Committee
7.1 Tasks and responsibilities


8. Research Committee
8.1 Tasks and responsibilities


9. Education and Professional Development Committee
9.1 Tasks and responsibilities


10. jESPeR Committee
10.1. Tasks and responsibilities


11. Publications Committee
11.1 Tasks and responsibilities


12 ESPR Role Profiles
12.1 Role Profile ESPR President
12.2 Role Profile ESPR General Secretary
12.3 Role Profile ESPR Treasurer
12.4 Role Profile Member of the Council of Trustees
12.5 Role Profile ESPR Congress Chair
12.6 Role Profile ESPR Education and Professional Development Committee Chair
12.7 Role Profile Research Committee Chair
12.8 Role Profile jESPeR Representative
12.9 Role Profile Publication Committee Chair


13 Terms of Reference
13.1 Terms of Reference ESPR Board
13.2 Terms of Reference Council of Trustees
13.3 Terms of Reference Education Committee and Professional Development Committee
13.4 Terms of Reference Congress Planning Committee
13.5 Terms of Reference Publications Committee
13.6 Terms of Reference Research Committee

Statutes of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR)

Article 1

The members who subscribe to these Bylaws hereby form an association governed by the Act of July 1, 1901 and by the Decree of August 16, 1901 named :


Article 2

The Association is a non-profit organization with no religious or political activity. Its official language is English. It is European in scope although it is not restricted to Europe and the officers may accept one or more members from outside this region, in particular from the Mediterranean basin and they may also accept practitioners from countries that do not have a national society of paediatric radiology.

The Association is founded to pursue the following objectives:

  1. Provide a forum and foster dialogue between paediatric radiologists, i.e. radiologists who have shown an interest in the field of paediatric-perinatal, diagnostic and interventionist imaging ;
  2. Contribute to the sharing of best practices and the development of paediatric medical imaging both in and outside the countries of the European Community ;
  3. Initiate lead and create excellence in diagnostic and interventionist paediatric medical imaging ;
  4. Develop training specifically designed for paediatric radiologist. To this end fellowships may be awarded to young physicians so that they can take part in internships, courses and conferences, based on criteria that will be determined by the officers ;
  5. Advise on optimal practice of radiation protection in particular for children based on the principle of “justified” and “optimized” actions ;
  6. Foster professional relations with various radiological and paediatric societies and organizations around the world ;
  7. Encourage all practitioners who so wish to participate in a dynamic and friendly community in the field of paediatric radiology ;
  8. Initiate, lead and create excellence in fundamental clinical research around any field of paediatric, perinatal and fetal diagnostic and interventional imaging.

Article 3

The registered office shall be at :

Bicêtre Hospital, Paediatric Radiology
78 rue du General Leclerc – 94275 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre – France

It may be transferred by decision of the officers.

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