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Advertisement for ESPR open positions: The ESPR Board is searching for your support!

Interested members of ESPR are requested to send a short CV including a statement of intent detailing the relevant experience considering the role profile. Kindly send your applications to, applications will be reviewed by the ESPR Board.


NEW: Membership in the ESPR Publications Committee

The committee is looking for up to 3 members to support and represent the ESPR for all relevant interactions with the publisher/s.
The Committee should work in the best interests of the Journal at all times and helps to co-ordinate material to be published on the ESPR website, in collaboration with the Education and Research Committees.
Term of office: June 2018-June 2021


• be a full member of the Society in good standing.
• be fully conversant with the workings of the Society journal.
• be familiar with the past history, current philosophies and strategic direction of the Society.
• have advanced knowledge of the principles and practice of Paediatric Radiology.
• be motivated, committed and a team player.
• possess good co-ordination and leadership skills.
• Be able to commit enough time to fulfil the role effectively.


 2019: Member of the Council of Trustees

In 2019, the position of trustee will become vacant. We strongly encourage ESPR members to apply for this position.

Aim: With the other members of the Council of Trustees to work in the best interest of the Society, to provide wise counsel to the ESPR President and other ESPR Board Members, generally support and promote the organisation.
Interested members may contact already now the ESPR Office via