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We are delighted to inform you that the ESPR will initiate a new taskforce on “Outreach Programmes”.
This taskforce aims to monitor and provide high-quality education in European countries where exposure of physicians to high quality teaching may be limited by financial and/or geographical constraints.

More information on the taskforce:

The ESPR is encouraging its members to participate in this task force.

Apply now to become chairperson or member of this taskforce!
Selection Process:
Candidates must be ESPR members and are requested to send a short CV including a statement of intent detailing the relevant experience in the field of Outreach Programmes.

Kindly send your applications to
Applications will be reviewed by the ESPR Board.


Member of the Council of Trustees
Aim: With the other members of the Council of Trustees to work in the best interest of the Society, to provide wise counsel to the ESPR President and other ESPR Board Members, generally support and promote the organisation.

CLICK HERE to download the Internal Procedures of the Society and find the respective role profile stating all important facts about this important position within the ESPR Board.


To provide wise council, support and in extremis take over the responsibilities of the President or the ESPR Board as defined in the Society’s bylaws.


The Council of Trustees is accountable to those members of the ESPR Board who are not involved in any conflict which necessitates their involvement in decision-making or to the membership.


1. To assist the ESPR Board in developing strategic plans for the future of the society.

2. To attend ESPR Board Meetings as and when requested by the ESPR Board.

3. To advise the ESPR Board or individual members of the ESPR Board in case of dispute or disagreement within the ESPR Board.

4. To take on the responsibilities of the ESPR Board in exceptional circumstances (for example resignation of three or more ESPR Board Members) until such time as a new ESPR Board is appointed. If the problems arising within the ESPR Board are resolved and the council express confidence in the ESPR Board, they may resume and continue their function.

5. To call a special (extra ordinary) ESPR General Assembly should this be required as described in the bylaws of the Society.

6. In the event of a major disagreement between the Treasurer and the other officers, the dispute will be brought before the Council of Trustees, which will arbitrate alone in the last resort.

7. Deliver reports at the ESPR General Assembly as appropriate.

8. If need be or at the request of at least one-half plus one of the current active (paying) membership, the Council of Trustees can call a Special Members Meeting in the same manner that the ESPR General Assembly are called. Said meetings may be held, if need be, using secure electronic technology”.