Young researcher award





2018 B. Vaarwerk Netherlands Does surveillance imaging lead to earliest detection of relapse and thus to improved survival in paediatric patients with RMS? The European experience
2017 V. Della Valle France Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in children
2016 M. Paddock United Kingdom What is the value of spine, hand and foot radiographs as part of the skeletal survey for diagnosing suspected physical child abuse?
2015 S. Shelmerdine United Kingdom Achondroplasia: Really Rhizomelic
2014 A. Slaar
The Netherlands A clinical decision rule for acute wrist trauma in children
2013 N. Lochbühler
Switzerland MRI assessment of inflammatory activity and mandibular growth following intra-articular TMJ steroid injection in children with JIA
L. B. Laborie
Associations between femoroacetabular impingement and hip dysplasia as demonstrated radiographically. Preliminary results
2011 N. Gupta
United Kingdom Predictors of vesicoureteric reflux in infants with UTI using NICE criteria
2010 O. Arthurs
United Kingdom MR Voiding cystourethrography for vesico-ureteric reflux in unsedated infants
2008 J. Herrmann
Germany Capsular arterial collateralisation after paediatric liver transplantation
M. Alison
In vivo targeting of macrophagic activity with MRI contrast agent (USPIO) in an experimental model of neonatal brain lesions
2006. I. Sorge
Reduction of radiotherapy in children with early stages of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, influenced by a new imaging and FDG-PET based strategy
2005 M. Raissiki
Greece Eye-Lens Bismuth Shielding in Pediatric Head CT Examinations
2004 A. B. Barnacle
United Kingdom Image-guided Percutaneous Biopsy of Soft Tissue Masses in Children
2003  M. Brun
France Phonological decoding in dyslexic children: activation pattern in fMRI