Jacques LefÈbvre lectures





2018 J. Frahm Germany Real‐time MRI
2017 Ch. Zollikofer Switzerland Hominid Evo-Devo: Reconstructing the evolution of human development
2016 S. Fraser USA Multimodal Imaging of the Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Events Underlying Embryonic Development
2015 B.D. Coley USA What US can do – from dolphins and bats to modern imaging
2014 R. van Langh
Netherlands The use of radiographic techniques in the study of art objects
2013 I. Seri
USA Vital organ assignment in the very preterm neonate: Differences in fore- and hindbrain blood flow
regulation by simultaneous use of MRI and NIRS
2012 N. Gourtsoyiannis
Greece Strives for International Radiology Education: The European Experience
2011 S.S. Ghambir
USA Molecular imaging
2010 L. Garel
Canada Antenatal imaging: what is the real impact?
2009 E. Ozbay
Turkey Current Status and Applications of Nanotechnology: Radiology
2008 D. Donnai
United Kingdom Understanding dysmorphology