New Membership Application

Application for 2019 is now open:
Please use the following link: ESPR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION


ESPR Membership Renewal

For persons who have been members of the society in since 2014, an account already exists. Please use the “MyUserArea” login on our website and renew your membership online.

Please find here some assisting guidelines to login to your MyUserArea for the first time:

  • The first time you enter the MyUserArea you are kindly asked to use the following link  >> ESPR MYUSERAREA <<
  • Please click on the button “Obtain or reset my login data”
  • A new window pops up, where you can search for your account by entering your Lastname and Firstname
  • Your account will be visible now. By clicking the button “Obtain my login data” an email will be send to the email address stored in our system
  • In the email you can find a link. Kindly open the email and click on the link provided..In a new window you are asked to choose your personal Username and Password
  • To renew your membership, please use the button “MyMembership” and complete the requested data

If your account is not found in our system, please contact the ESPR Office for further assistance via
Kindly note: This procedure is only necessary when login in the first time. Afterwards you may enter the MyUserArea by using the button “MyUserArea login” on our website (


ESPR Membership for SPR/SLARP and AOSPR members

The below mentioned society members are encouraged to contact their office for further information on corresponding membership.

SLARP – Sociedad Latino Americana de Radiologìa Pediàtrica >> SLARP – ESPR membership application >>

AOSPR – Asian and Oceanic Society of Paediatric Radiology >> AOSPR – ESPR membership application >>

SPR – Society of Pediatric Radiology >> SPR – ESPR membership application >>