1 PediRad – Site in German
This is an interactive on-line teaching file developed in the university of Bern.
2 The radiology assistant 
The Radiology Assistant is the educational web site of the Dutch Radiology Society. It focusses on common radiological problems, including paediatric radiology, in a problem oriented way for radiology residents and general radiologists.
3 AFIP best cases
In recent years, the staff of the Armed Forces Department of Radiologic Pathology has judged the “best cases” by organ system, and recognition is given to the winners on the last day of the class.
4 Silberberg’s pediatric curriculum 
Internet-based database of paediatric radiology teaching files linked to the pediatric radiology curriculum by the SPR. By P J Silberberg; P Khandhar; C A Eicher; P S Babyn; S M Allbery; J G Smirniotopoulos.
5 Les dossiers classés selon d’index de radiologie – Sie in French
7 Pediatric radiology cases in pediatric emergency medicine
View these challenging cases online.