ECPR Courses from ESPR


Each year, ESPR organizes one course, with the aim to cover the ESR training curriculum as much as possible on one specific theme


*Thorax (including neck and Cardiovascular)
*Abdomen (including systemic diseases)


Emergencies, fetal and interventional level I and II lectures are delivered within these topics

In every two years, an additional Paediatric Neuroradiology (Module I) course is also organized in cooperation with ESNR



ESPR Educational Grants to support attendance to ECPR

The ESPR Board has agreed to provide financial support to eligible radiologists in training (residents/fellows) or young radiologists active in the field of paediatric radiology to attend the ECPR.
10 junior grants à EUR 500,- will we supported.


The following criteria will apply:

  1. Target audience: The grants are only available for radiologists in training (residents/fellows) and young radiologists active in the field of paediatric radiology. This status needs to be confirmed by a written, dated and signed letter from the applicant’s training coordinator/supervisor/head of department.
  2. Age: The applicant must be 35 years or younger on the first day of course.
  3. Reimbursement: The grant will include a fixed amount of money, to be decided during the ESPR Winter Board meeting in January of each year. The grant will be paid to the grant receiver after attending the course. This will require the bank details of the grant receiver and confirmation of attendance to be forwarded to the ESPR Office (email:
  4. The grant applications need to be submitted at least one month before the deadline for Early Fee registration. Grant applications received after this date will not be considered.
  5. Grant applications will be reviewed by the ESPR education committee and sent to the ESPR board for approval. The decision of the ESPR board is final.
  6. Updates on the grants can be found on the ESPR website.


How to apply (instructions for applicants):

  1. Download HERE the Educational Grants Application Form. Print the form, fill it appropriately and sign it.
  2. Please provide a signed dated letter from your training supervisor/director/head of department confirming your current training status or position.
  3. Scan the application form and the letter confirming your training status/position and email both to: with the heading “Educational grant application for ECPR”.
  4. The ESPR education committee will consider the applications after the closing


Upcoming ECPR courses


ECPR 2019 – Paediatric Abdomen
Date: October 16-18, 2019
Location: Utrecht/NL


Past ECPR courses

2018 – Paediatric Imaging – Chest (including Cardiovascular)
E. Twomey, A. Paterson, A. Secinaro


2017 – Paediatric Musculoskeletal imaging
S. ter Horst, R.J. Nievelstein


2016 – ECPNR 8th European Course on Pediatric Neuroradiology
Argyropoulou M. I., Girard N., Sundgren P. M., Rossi A.
Marseille, France


2016 – Pediatric Abdominal Imaging
de Lange C. & Ording Müller L.S.
Oslo, Norway


2015 – CNS
Rossi A., Girard N. & Argyropoulou M.
Ioannina, Greece


2014 – Musculoskeletal
D. C. Hughes
Sheffield, United Kingdom


2013 – Thorax
Lequin M.H.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2013 – CNS
Rossi A., Girard N. & Argyropoulou M.
Genoa, Italy


2012 – Abdomen
Mentzel HJ.
Jena, Germany


2011 – Musculoskeletal
Barber I.
Barcelona, Spain


2011 – CNS
Girard N. , Argyropoulou M. & Rossi A.
Marseille, France


2010 – Thorax
Fonda C.
Firenze, Italy


2009 – Abdomen
van Rijn R. , Smets A. & Deurloo E.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2008 – CNS
Chong K.
London, United Kingdom


2007 – Musculoskeletal
Schumacher R.
Mainz, Germany


2006 – Emergencies
Dacher J.-N.
Rouen, France


2005 – Thorax
Spehl M. & Christophe C.
Brussels, Belgium


2004 – Abdomen
Berrocal T.
Madrid, Spain


2003 – CNS
Martin-Fiori E. & Huisman T.
Zurich, Switzerland


2002 – Musculoskeletal
Lombay B.
Budapest, Hungary


2001 – Thorax
Laurin S.
Lund, Sweden


2000 – Abdomen
Fotter F.
Graz, Austria


1999 – CNS
Tortori-Donati P.
Genoa, Italy


1998 – Musculoskeletal
Adamsbaum C. & Sebag G.
Montpellier, France


1997 – Thorax
Carty H.
Liverpool, United Kingdom


1996 – Abdomen
Benz-Bohm G.
Köln, Germany


1995 – CNS
Raybaud C.
Marseille, France


1994 – Thorax
Enriquez G.
Barcelona, Spain


1993 – Musculoskeletal
Toma P.
Genoa, Italy


1992 – Abdomen
F. Brunelle
Biarritz, France